There are a lot of things and people that are special. And by special, I don’t mean the watered down significance of the word. Some people say, “Well, if everybody is special, then nobody is special”. If you are one of them, I understand why you might find yourself lost in the concept.

For example, every person that I love has a special place in my heart. Think of a series of shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle and so on. I have (in my heart) a hole of each those form, and every person I love fills one spot with their particular way to be. Each one is special because I cannot fit a cube into a cilynder, or replace a star for a diamond.

Another example, I heard a man answering to the malicious question “Which is your favorite child?” He said: this one is my delight and this one is my proud. She is my proud because she is an upgraded version of myself, she holds me accountable of being a better person because I know she’s following my steps. And she is my delight because she is her mom concentrated in a tiny body, her moods, her extreme detail attention and huge mess at the same time, in every single way she’s cutest reminder of the woman I love. So, even though they grew up in the same house, with the same rules, same food, same traditions, there is not a point of comparison between them.

That’s how we all are special, and yet the meaning of the word remains.

I have the same struggle with songs, food, movies, series, hobbies, etc. And that’s how it is so hard for me to do a small talk when I meet people and answering questions of blog awards. I don’t have a “favorite” (something). There is a special mood for every music genre, a special memory on each dish, a special occasion for every movie and so on.

I believe in change. I don’t stick to routines. My daily routine ends when I drink my coffee in the morning. Even with my cookies I change the recipe a bit every time I make them looking for perfection. And I vary the path to work every day depending on the time I have available, the more time I have the longest is my walk with the view in the pictures. Oh, Yes! Finally someone gave me an opportunity and I just finished my first week on a new job, the special job experience I wanted to have. Thanks for your prayers! Dios les devuelva mil bendiciones. =D

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