If you wanted to translate that word it would be something like “flower-eater”. In my country, this is a word to describe a person who dreams of an ideal world. They live focusing on all of the beautiful things in their way and they are painfully kind.

They make a bunch of little efforts to seek beauty in moments that regular person wouldn’t even think about it. They stop to pet street dogs, make monkey faces to the babies in the bus/subway, play imaginary drums while walking or waiting in a line, extend a hand out of the window to feel the rain, pull over the car to take pictures of the sunset, and sing along the music while cleaning the house. They are the nerds of positivity.

Usually this word is used with the intention to insult someone that it’s been maybe a little too naive or so. But I think, they are pretty admirable. I mean, it’s not like if they are kids who never got hurt or betrayed, or were treated unfairly. They are adults that, even though have seen the madness in this world, they choose to keep believing in it.

I had a friend like this in college. Being around her was always so refreshing. It was like if I had never met someone genuinely happy before. Now she’s living her dream, she actually made it. It’s like whatching a disney movie in real life. We need to try to be more comeflores every day.

On a side note, I want to give you an update on my cookie business. I found cheap cocoa powder. It’s cheap because the person who sold it to me was the same person who planted the tree. Amazing! So, now I’m making this cocoa crinkle cookies, and people went absolutely crazy. Just to give you an idea, a man split an amount of money he had destined to buy cigarattes, to buy one cookie, but when he ate it he decided to take more money from his cigaratte budge to buy a couple more. Can you imagine how good they have to be to make a nicotine addict exchange cigarattes for them? Well, that good they are.


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