I am sorry I disappeared again. I didn’t have connection to Internet in the last 6 weeks and the electricity cuts have been happening more often, in fact, one just ended. However, that is not the main reason for my absence.

This blog was supposed to be about my English learning and an attempt to start writing stories. When I started this project I had a plan in mind, a vision of a new phase in my life. And I thought this blog was a good idea to take advantage of such a great inspiration. This year was The year for me.

I spent the previous two years preparing, studying, working and saving for my plans this year. I was sure everything would be worthwhile by now. Unfortunately, my plan A didn’t work out, my plan B neither, and an improvised plan C went so wrong that I ended up with no job, no savings, and nothing to prepare for. I am just searching new opportunities and some light. But not everything has been drama and chaos.

The good thing about blackouts (if any Venezuelan reading this may forgive me for such sentence) is that, since the heat in the houses is suffocating and almost any activity gets impossible to perform, everybody grabs a chair and just seat in the front of their houses. It has become a tradition. During these sharing moments with the neighbors, I found out these people were craving for sweets.

You may understand this more if you read my last post, but long story short, people cannot afford snacks anymore, they hardly get to end of the month with food in the fridge. For this reason the few store owners that are left in the town do not invest on candy anymore. The bakeries make mostly bread, and the desserts they prepare have expensive toppings, fillings or ingredient that make the product so too. So I came up with the idea of a super cheap cookie that people could enjoy with their coffee, and more important giving the people the option to buy just one, so they can afford a little life-saver treat.

So, while I wait for my life to make sense again, I have been tuning my orange cookie recipe until they got so cheap that 26 cookies are worth only USD 1. Of course, I am not capitalizing it to make me rich, but it’s enough to re-buy the ingredients while competing with inflation. However, they meet my goal for them to be enjoyable and affordable at the same time.

My cookies.

 It turn out that people responded as I imagined, especially the kids. They come in groups of siblings and cousins with their parents, and they buy just one for each of them. I cannot imagine how excited it must be for them. It hits me big time when I remember how I grew up surrounded by all kinds of candies, chocolates, chips and so much abundance being my country was whole different story.

In conclusion, I stopped posting because I am in a transition period. I have been figuring ways to start from zero, and easing each failure in the shelter of my little, micro, petite cookie business.

Thank you so much to everyone who wondered about me and prayed, it means a lot for me. I will try to keep in touch.

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