Women’s struggle to pick.

Women are judge for their decision making process from the ones in high rank positions to the ones that are just reading a menu. We are called subjective, too emotional, irrational, unstable. Especially, when it takes too long for us to decide.

If you explore a bit into her mind, you will be amazed by the stories behind our selections. For instance, what usually happens at dinner is that we are managing a whole set of variables at stakes. What we want to eat, what can we eat, what is the budget for the dinner, what clothes are we wearing (if it’s tight or loose), what are we going to do later, what happened the last time we ate each of the options, if we feel like trying something new, if tomorrow is an important day out or we are going to stay home, etc. And those are only about us, it also matters the place. We can love Caesar Salad but if they put to much of anchovies in the dressing, then it’s a no no. On top of that, add all of the variables that can show up if she doesn’t know the restaurant.

There is nothing wrong with our ability to foresee problems. That’s our nature, we are preventive, selective, considered, caring and careful. The real problem is when we don’t adapt and advance, when we get stuck and cannot make up our minds.

You, woman, shouldn’t be ashamed of your complex being. Instead, learn that some experiences are worth to face the consecuences of, that a damaged fruit doesn’t make all of the kind bad for you. Realize that a posibility is just a posibility, so it might never happen. Understand that your instinct is your best friend, so you can enjoy more the present.

You, man, if see a woman that went out to look for an ice cream cone and came back with an cheese cake, you better don’t ask unless you are willing to really pay attention or get overwhelmed.

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