What is the worst thing that could happen?

I stole this question from a friend when we were talking about me moving alone for the first time without options to withdraw because I wasn’t living in my hometown.

This question was my last question about it. I have done it 2 times now, and I am planning a third. I answer this question when I’m afraid to start something new by myself. What I’ve learned is that in case of any problem, I’m never quite alone.

If you get lost,

Some people will deny they can help.
Some people will hide that they can help.
Some people will just watch you get lost. Because it is entertaining.
Some people will look the other way. Because it isn’t of their business.

A few will help you, but not as much as they could because they didn’t get that much help when they were in your position. So, they think it isn’t fair that you do.

Others will help you to just brag about their mercy to you later. Poor you if you accept a piece of bread from them.

On the other hand, you will find good people and, as call them, tools from God. These can be an stranger, the wind, or the rain (literally, one time I ran out of water and I got just the amount I needed from the rainfall)

You’ll find people that will offer help to you without you asking for it. People who see their earlier needs reflected on you as if you were a mirror to the past, and they know how much they’d appreciate the favor.

The last ones also know that being thankful is not just saying -Thank God.- They know that gratefulness through actions is contagious, and it returns in no time or in 7 years. They understood that gratitude is not a circle but a chain.

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