A day of laughter.

Today is a day of laughter and joy.

Nothing special happened, actually a few things went wrong. But today is one of those where your mind flies away, almost to outer space, and from there life on Earth looks pretty much the same, no matters the point where you are in the blue planet.

Even during wars, especially the longest ones, people have bad and good days. They never cease making babies, always have time to have a coffee, and the most sarcastic ones always find the space and perfect time to tell a joke.

Living here is like being in mourning, or completely in love with someone that doesn’t remember you with a song. In one moment you’re crying, in the next you’re sleeping, and two hour later you’re laughing alone because you remembered a mispronunciation that your little nephew did the last time you were playing with him.

You never really get over it. You just have to stop weeping to deal with other emotions. Then you cannot avoid feeling hungry, sleepy, the need to go the bathroom, etc. After that, you stop to focus on other things, things you need to do. And slowly these pauses become in the major part of the day, until you fit the time in them to feel joy and laugh again. Whilist the depression is reduced to the time that last the silence between a song and the next, or that last thought before falling asleep.

Everyone has a different period of time to repeat this cicle. Let’s say that not all of us are in the same roller coaster. And by “us” I don’t mean Venezuelans, I am talking about humans. Everybody is in their own ride in this world, which isn’t exactly like disney world. So, today I’m at the top of the wheal, no matter what happens, I’m going to rise my hands and laugh before it takes me to the ground again. Before the playlist ends.

8 thoughts on “A day of laughter.

  1. Thank you for this encouraging post. I have been feeling upset over some things that are happening in my country. Your post help me realized that others are going through even more terrible situation than me and so I need to give thanks in everything. Have a blessed week. I will keep you and your country in my prayers.

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