I avoid black and white people, and I hate the red and the blue ones. I’m not talking about their skin, of course.

I have a weakness for balanced people in general: interracial treats (you know like dark skin with green eyes or thin lips with curly hair), the cool nerds, the ambiverts (those between introvert and extrovert). But this post is in honor to the people that I especially love. The ones with the secret to make the perfect mix of kindness and honesty.

Some people use “honesty” (which is a positive word) as a false white flag to be rude and even cruel to others. On the other hand, you can find the ones who only think of the politically correct and let you make a fool. But this is not the case of my beloved grays and purples.

Those people who can recognize a number of grays having a transparent soul. Complex people that in turn are easy going.

Some examples of the rare people that practice kind honesty are:
✅The greatest leaders, the good ones
✔The doctors that ask God for help to to give you bad news,
✅The teachers that inspire respect and not fear or shame from their students,
✔The hiring managers who explain to you exactly where you failed and how to improve,
✅And those beautiful friends who whisper that your zipper is open only to you.

A common factor that I see in these hidden gems is that they are happy. They have zero interest in discouraging or embarrassing you because they don’t have space for that in their hearts. But, people with holes in their lives, let’s say unoccupied people, love looking for flaws in others. I call them “errorvorous” because they seem to feed on them.

Happiness is evident, but the bitternes on your fake kindness is even more so. What I mean amigo is… if you truly enjoy it, there is beauty in the way you say “Happy to help.”

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