A brief catch up.

Hey Diane! How are things going in Valencia (Venezuela) this 2019?

Mmm, let me wrap things up. So far: We have got an interim President, the one with a position that starts for “D” is “preparing for an attack,” an earthquake swarm is ongoing, and what was the other thing? Oh, right! Also, a meteorite impacted here yesterday when I was making dinner, it was kind of pretty.

Seriously, come visit sometime! You’ll never get bored here (I’m kidding, don’t you dare). Literally any unexpected sound, such as the doorbell or a car horn from outside, makes me jump. And my nocturnal bruxism is getting worse.

Anyways, despite everything this year has been somehow promesing.
I feel optimistic enough to bet that National History will be sort of fargo (the genre) film for my little nephew in the future. Without any doubt, it will be a bright future, because we passed through many “bottom lines” before, but this time it really feels like if we are getting closer and closer to The One, right? Right?



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