Things will also miss you.

One day you will be gone. Your bed would not embrace you anymore. Your mug would not feel your fingers, or your lips in the morning. Your fridge would not be your confidant at midnight. Your mirror will wonder “What happened to crazy-face? And your keys! Oh, your keys! Yeah, your keys. Who does not have a close relationship with he or her keys? It doesn’t matter how good a copy is, it never feels like yours, right?

Most people think about the hard time the people that love us will have when we are no longer here, but what about our things? In fact, the things that are close to us are the ones that will give your loved ones goosebumps when they touch them, and witness their crying when nobody else is in the room.

Each piece of clothing will be a memorie for them. Remember the last beach trip? The clothes that made you look so awkward that day will make them laugh at you again, but this time just for one second. And those pants that caused arguements every now and then, because you would never threw them away promesing that you would lose weight to fit in them. These would not be so funny because at the end you could not fill them up.

Sometimes those things will talk more about you than your friends, they really know you, they keep your secrets, oh boy! poor you if they could actually speak and explain their evidences. Your hair brush is the first one in tell you when you are starting to lose way more hair. And your toothbrush know you ate that sweet you were forbidden.

Your things will not be yours anymore, but they would be physical memories, the non-alive reminders of you that will comfort the ones who miss you.


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