A tender discovery

I knew it was the one at first sight. I ignored I wanted something like that, I have never had an artistic vein, but those yellow, orange, brown, and red colors hypnotized me. Who would have known that in the general local store was the painting that would spark the bonfire that now exist here, in my heart.

This canvas, smaller than the cake tray in rectangular form, illustrates a black metal bench in its bottom right quadrant, among fall-color leaves. Around the bench, the leaves partially hide a portion of a curved walkway which has the leading role on the whole picture, with trees and a calmed body of water on background. That empty seat invited me to travel there, sit down, drink my hot chocolate with little pieces of cheese floating on top (yes, cheese! Not marshmallows) and enjoy the view.

After a few regular visits to the market with me making her stop a minute in front of the only autumn I knew, my mom bought it for me. My siblings made fun of me for being the only kid that asks for a generic boring painting located just across the ice cream shop.

That little weirdo observed and observed, then started to dream about it. I did remakes of it (too poorly done) at different times of the day, with mysefl in it, with a blanket instead of a bench with a picnic all set up over it, with kids running around, and even with a partner watching the sunset, which was convinient because I had to draw just the silhoutte of us, the trees and the leaves in black.

I love my country, but sometimes I think the stork delivered me in the wrong place. I still dream with traveling to a city were people do not need to move to feel in a different context troughout the year, landing in a random October worthy of captures, and make it last forever.

Here I leave a picture of the painting so you can feedback about my description job. I will appreciate your corrections!


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