The teacher knew it.

They knew each other for years before, they went to the same high school, and their families knew each other, but they had never swum in the same pool. He was owner of the ball of the children’s games on the block, and she was the girl that everybody wanted as partner in group assignments but the one picked out the last in any other activity. He had the newest phone model respect to the rest of us, and the first one driving a car, while she got her favorite chocolate as reward for being ranked first of the class every year.

They never even dreamed with being more than familiar faces, but one day, a the Spanish teacher assigned to class an essay about their visions of the next 5 years. The day Mrs. Zabala delivered the class grades, she ask to both of them to stand up, then she dedicade compliments to them about their personal essays and suggested to share them with the class or at least one to another, but they crossed their sights from opposite points of the room and they knew neither of them wanted, he was embarrassed for being call on along with the nerd, and then felt bad for her because he noted she could read it in his face, in the other side, she got flushed just by thinking in facing the guy that all the ladies were crazy for, and then relieved by the wordless conversation she had with him. Just with a look exchange, she knew his decision and that he was sorry for it, and he knew she knew what was going to be his answer and that she was ok with it.

Something unique must have been in both essays and the theacher knew it, because despite whether they wanted or not, they spend the next 8 years alongside each other. They never talked about those essays, they were far behind when they got the confidence to have that kind of conversation, but they may picture some ideas. Both of them left their hometown to study the same career in the same place. They had pasions, ethic and hard core principles in common, but the distance between their worlds ketp.

They developed a symbiotic friendship that never got too personal but 100% reliable in any sense. They never talked about their deepest fears or guilty desires, but if one needed a hand with something, the other were going to be there no questions asked.

Now thousands of kilometers pull them apart, and since they are not good phone-talkers, they realized they got used to each other presences and now their absences hit them more than they expected. Just like it happen with siblings, giving for granted the other’s existence and appreciating it when is too late. Hopefully, also as siblings, they know they will cross each others’ paths again, and from their last speechless communication, they know this time both want it to happen.

The teacher knew that was going to happen eventually, and maybe she is the only that knows how this story is going to end.


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